I truly believe that NOBODY needs to suffer using NET & EFT!

If ever I had a niche, this is it! I really, really believe that nobody needs to suffer, and it took my own experience to figure that out for myself. During my life I have experienced chronic physical pain as well as deep emotional and psychological pain. I am one of those very sensitive people who, as a child took in every emotion that was in my environment. This continued into my adulthood until I found myself in bed with chronic fatigue and terribly painful fibromyalgia for a year. Up to then I had felt like a victim to my body, my parents, my society, my husband, my customers, my life situation. You can imagine how horrible that felt! Aaarrrggghhh!!

The day I resolved to either leave the planet or get well so that I could do what I was here for, was one of the most important days of my life. I had passionate resolve to get well and to stop being a victim! That was the first time that I had really been aware of how pathetic I was when I was in “victim mode”, and how a change of attitude could, indeed, change my life.

Within two days – literally – I had all of the information I needed to create the cure, which I did. In two months time I was a new person – energized, alert, pain-free, twenty pounds lighter, and ready to move forward in my life. It was after that that I resolved to support others to let go of their pain.

Years later I divorced my best friend and went through some other major life transitions that put me back into a dark hole of despair. I knew it was up to me to save myself. I was NOT in victim mode, but rather in survival mode with the intention of learning how to re-create my life. I utilized many inner modalities and energetic tools that I had learned over the years, and that is when I became an expert at EFT – using it on myself and others around me as I came back out to re-create a life where I now thrive and enjoy happiness all around me.

I cannot say that it has been an easy path. For many healers the path is one of experience so that we may share and teach. I will say that it has been a path that has taken me well beyond victimhood and beyond feeling a need or attraction to suffering in ANY way. I am resolved. NOBODY needs to suffer!

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