I Love the Power of Coaching by Telephone!

Back when I used to offer my coaching and consulting in person I never believed the power of doing this via telephone. I was strictly trained that eye contact and body language are necessary components of coaching and training, and that without these there would be diminished results. I think differently now!

I think that people feel invisible over the phone, so they tend to open up more to me. They have the flexibility of making the call from a comfortable spot to them. They don’t need to drive to meet with me. They don’t need to get dressed up for our meeting. They don’t need to watch their physical presence during our meeting, and can just be comfortably themselves. They also don’t have to try to read my body language, wondering what my reactions might mean. They can be themselves, relax, feel comfortable, and “let it all hang out”. I stay invisible and play less of a role than my client or session participants, and this works well for all of us!

I’ve had cases where clients – especially business clients – have made it clear to me that they want to keep our relationship and sessions “strictly business”. I am happy to comply. And, because of the safeness of being invisible on the phone often these same clients tend to open up like a book, sharing all kinds of personal and professional information as they go more deeply into their transformation.

I now enjoy offering teleseminars much more than presenting a seminar in front of an audience, and this is after thirty years of enjoyably and successfully working live audiences. I am more at ease and have all of my reference materials around me to share. My participants are equally at ease, and get a discount because none of us have to travel or rent a space for the seminar. We also can communicate easily back & forth, so I cover all of the NLP modes of communication: visual, auditory, kinesthetic even by telephone! It is great!

Even though I offer energy therapy, this is very doable by telephone. And, when one connects via SKYPE or some other internet-based telephone connection with video capabilities, then it feels like the person is actually in the room as I coach, and vice versa. One client recently asked me for some energy healing as part of her meridian tapping therapy, and as I worked by distance on her I watched via video feed as she took off her glasses, closed her eyes, and received. It was great – and she was sitting in her home on an island off the coast of France! I love technology!!  🙂

So, the next time you feel that you might not get as much out of a coaching relationship by phone, I invite you to shift your thinking like I did many years ago. Back then I would have argued against the potency of telephone coaching and teleseminar training, and now I love coaching by telephone!

If you would like to try a complimentary short phone session – just for the experience – I invite you to go to the following link and try it out for yourself!  Go to:  http://is.gd/4DD5y for a short business or life “tune-up” session, and see if you are willing to change your perception about classes and coaching by telephone!

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