I feel Grateful!!

The weekend is winding down. I have connected with friends and family, eaten many wonderful feasts, utilized my mind, body, spirit in various ways. I have become re-charged for a new month beginning tomorrow, and I am excited about December and all that it will bring.

I am looking forward to starting my EMOTIONAL FREEDOM for the HOLIDAYS series of tele-calls on Tuesday, (learn more at: http://is.gd/9cwa) and I feel excited that I will share with some wonderful people on these calls, where we will co-mingle our energies to create the right tone to inspire our little call community and then let that heightened energy vibration spread through us to everyone we meet during the Holiday Season!!  WOW – the power of collective intentionality!!  I am grateful for such wonder, and I am grateful to YOU, my reader, for sharing your interest by reading this Alchemist Anne blog. Have a wonderful last month of 2008!!

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