I believe in “Merakels”!

Greetings on this nice first Friday of September! Wow – where did the summer go? September has always been a good time for me to start new things – school, training or consulting projects, working with new clients, new health regimes, etc. Even though the summer and calendar year are starting to wind down, it is a perfect time for new beginnings.  So, I’d like to make an announcement about a new project that I am undertaking.

During my entire life I have witnessed miracles. Some were simple little ones that made me smile. Others were life-changing or life-saving. I have appreciated these synchronicities, special events, joyous manifestations, exciting occurrences. And, there are so many more events that I have totally missed altogether.

When I taught bi-lingual education in Nogales, Arizona in 1976 the Latino children that I taught pronounced my last name, Merkel, with their wonderful Spanish accents which made it come out as, “Ms. Miracle”. During that year a musical group named Hot Chocolate came out with a popular song entitled “I believe in Miracles”! My students sang “I believe in Merkel” unceasingly to me, and I came to enjoy that from them. Years later the same song was again made popular when it was a theme song in the movie The Full Monty

Because I’ve always been a miracle watcher, and it just made sense, I created an e-mail monicer of “merakel” which is my last name with “a” for Anne stuck between the syllables. That makes sense to me and reminds me daily to look for the miracles in my life.

Starting on Monday of next week I am dedicating all Mondays to Miracle Watching. On that day my blogs will focus on miracles that I have experienced. I also invite you to share the miracles from your own lives via comments to this blog, and I will be happy to share them.

So, let’s all watch for miracles over this long Labor Day weekend, and I’ll start on Monday, September 7th, Labor Day in the USA, with the new weekly Monday Blog “I believe in Miracles”! Have a great weekend!

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