I am feeling at PEACE after a conscious Easter weekend!

Easter weekend was peaceful and productive. Martin & I spend all of our holidays in our own ways. We come from different traditions and continue to enjoy consciously creating our own new ways to celebrate together.

This weekend incorporated play, relaxation, work, good food, socializing with friends, being alone, bonding as a couple. I believe that all of these support my own peace of mind, and that with a focus on conscious living each of us can create a wonderful life and feel at peace.

  • I enjoy a balance of work and play in my life. When I feel balanced, I am at peace.
  • Even though I enjoy rigorous yard work outside, my body forces me to relax after I reach a certain point. When my body is happy, I am happy!
  • This weekend we not only pruned trees, hauled and burned wood, gardened, and de-frosted a freezer, but we also shared foot massages which gave us more energy to get out and do some more! So, I have peace of mind knowing that I accomplished more tasks on my to-do list, and I also was able to get totally relaxed and bond with my partner.
  • Part of the weekend Martin & I spent alone doing our own projects. Part of the time we spent together, and another part we spent with neighbors. I feel at peace because I was able to nurture my own introvert and extrovert tendencies, and I was able to share with Martin as well as others, so there was a fun variety.
  • Easter means different things to different people. I was able to share time with my family by phone and share in my own spirituality through meditation. Martin & I talked about the significance of the life of Jesus and its impact on today’s society. I feel at peace with my beliefs and how I support them.
  • Holiday weekends usually include good meals, and I think this weekend topped most others! Friday night pot-luck feast with friends, Saturday night feast at Martin’s, and Easter’s turkey feast all enthused my tastebuds and provided some good left-overs for this week’s dining pleasure!

So, as I start another busy work week I am grateful for a fun holiday full of love, joy, abundance, and PEACE. I consciously created this weekend and many like it when I designed my new life using the conscious living tools that I share with my coaching clients. My holidays, regular weekends, and every day of the week continue to get better and better, and I am grateful!

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