The Body is Designed for Balance

The human body is an amazing vehicle which is in constant flux with change, regeneration, cleansing, and re-balance. It is not programmed to be sick, so whenever we feed it toxins or stress it out, then it automatically goes into re-balance mode and recalibrates so that all of its functions can continue to operate. In cases of extreme stress, bad food, polluted air, other stressors, the body may become so exhausted from constantly trying to stay in balance, that it starts to break down and systems shut down or function in a less-than-desirable way. This is not the fault of the body, which is a perfect organism, but it is a result of the environment:  physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

When people talk about maintaining “health”, usually in our society only a very few people are actually living in that state of “health”, so what we are maintaining is a semblance of “health” that is merely a balance that is still working. The body may be working overtime to maintain that balance so that breakdown symptoms don’t show up.

Two of the biggest killers in our society, surprisingly enough, are 1- medical interventions including surgeries, medications, chemical therapies, etc. and 2- stress. Each of us has the ability and responsibility to manage this second killer in our individual life. Stress is the basic cause of all degenerative diseases such as: arthritis, diabetes, coronary disease, auto-immune disorders, cancer. When these conditions turn into dis-eases, then medical intervention is sought out. So, you see that this is a vicious circle, but you can take control and support the real “health” of your body.

Stress shows up via structural and invasive injuries, chemical toxins, environmental sensitivities, emotional and psychological issues, as well as mental strain. Many people are becoming ultra sensitive to EMF/ electro-magnetic frequencies put out by cell phones, computer monitors, mobile phones, microwaves and towers, among many other energetic stressors. Pay attention to your own lifestyle and location in relation to EMF-producing devices. Other people are becoming overly sensitive to foods, especially highly processed grains or sugars and fruits and vegetables grown with pesticides or toxic fertilizers. We see the obesity issue all around us, and no wonder this is the case when so many people are ingesting hormones used to fatten up animals as well as preservatives used to lengthen shelf-life of processed products. The body can only adapt so far before it becomes exhausted and starts to exhibit symptoms.

So, love your body, and realize that it is a wonderful organism with which you have been gifted for a lifetime. Support it in all ways, and if stress is getting to you, then check out the many easy-to-apply energy therapy tools available to you to support yourself.

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