Holding the Positive Polarity

As we listen to daily news reports from all over the planet we are constantly bombarded by news, advertisements, biased editorials, and editorialized predictions. Any and all of these can cause stress, fear, upset, nervousness.

This week there is news of the Japan earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant issues. Yes, all of this news does impact many people in Japan and elsewhere, however, what good can focusing on the negatives do for the planet – and for YOU?

I remember the morning when the World Trade Center was hit. I was called by two friends who told me verbally what was going on. I heard the news and then went to meditate and pray. I did not run to the television set because I did not wish to add negative energy and fear to the focus that was already there. I also chose to hold a positive polarity instead of being pulled into the negativity that the terrorist perpetrators wanted to instill in everyone. I focused my energy on ministering distance energy therapy to those at the scene. I used to visit NYC regularly and had visited the World Trade Center for special occasions – going to the top Windows on the World restaurant. Throughout the days of horrendous happenings not only did I feel that I was helping to dispel the negativity at the site, but I was also keeping my own personal vibration high so that I could help to hold the balance between positive and negative vibrations for the planet.

At this time of minute-to-minute news reports from Japan, it is a good opportunity for us all to practice holding our vibrations high. Imagine that all of the nuclear reactors are cooling off rather than melting down. Imagine that the relief effort is moving forward smoothly and rapidly, that the weather is becoming milder, that water and food is available to the refugees, that radiation evacuees can return home and then open their doors to neighbors who have lost their homes in the tsunami. Imagine the BEST rather than the worst. If enough of us do this, then we CAN make a difference and change the outcomes.

So, focus on what CAN happen rather than the “gloom & doom” predictions of anybody in the limelight with an opinion. Focus on feeling safe and happy in your own life, and bring in gratitude for the life, freedoms, comforts, daily commodities that we so often take for granted. In raising our own vibrational level through feeling gratitude we can make a difference in the “reality” that unfolds before us.

I choose to feel good things… and to send good energy! So, I suggest that you consider this too!

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