Conscious Living by Going Deeper

successIt seems that since the new year started that life is moving more quickly and that many of us are going deeper into our lives. Details fly at us and around us perpetually, and we must search for peace from the static. Change is a requirement now… it has been a given all along. The best way to cope with life today is to be CONSCIOUS. And, to be conscious means to be AWARE. This means to live life at a very DEEP level, to search for understanding and the ROOT causes for emotions, issues, symptoms, detrimental habits that show up in life.

Recently Martin and I visited with an old friend. All three of us have extensively studied psychology and have offered psychological and emotional support to clients for many years. I was describing to our friend the difference between his traditional therapy and the neuro emotional technique (N.E.T.) and emotional freedom technique (EFT) sessions that I offer.

We discussed the fact that those clients who really WANT to change WILL be able to let go of old blockages and emotional pain, and they will seek out the kind of therapy that feels best to them. We talked about how some people who are reluctant to change or who are blocked by their subconscious so that they are unable to change, end up employing a therapist as a “rent a friend” rather than one who can really help. I also mentioned that some people – like ME – wish to lessen the time of suffering, struggling, being blocked when change or trauma occurs. We do NOT wish to merely utilize a therapist in a “rent a friend” kind of relationship. That is why I discovered, used, and now share N.E.T. and EFT with my clients and friends.

There is a huge difference between treating symptoms and treating the ROOT or deeper initiating CAUSE of an emotional issue. General alopathic physicians are beginning to understand the need to support WELLNESS and identify the ROOT CAUSES of illness and disease rather than simply dealing with the symptoms. Psychologists and therapists are also noting the importance now of supporting WELLNESS through life-style changes and looking at a person from a WHOLISTIC or WHOLE perspective.

My philosophy of life is to have FUN and I feel that suffering is an option – not a given. In my own experience – before I re-created my life to that of PEACE, LOVE, JOY – I suffered the “dark night of the soul” and struggled in the pit of despair. Traditional tools were not useful to me and I turned to alternatives that I knew would take me to a deeper level – faster, and not cause me to have to re-visit the pain associated with memories and experiences. Now my passion is to help others release their painful energy patterns, without suffering, so that they may quickly and easily move forward with their lives.

I wish you CONSCIOUSNESS in the New Year and always. I invite you to go more deeply into understanding yourself, your relationships, the energetics that propel you forward and those that hold you back. When you begin to look more deeply beneath the surface of your life, then it will improve!!


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