Glorious Springtime! I Am Manifesting It!

Have you ever thought of life as your own private video with you being the only real person and everyone else just acting around you? It is a different paradigm way of looking at your life and accepting responsibility for all that is in it. Try it sometime to create a different perspective!

In my own life I often think this way and identify what I’d like to change. I let go of old feelings of powerlessness long ago (although I’m not yet perfect so this exercise is still helpful), and so I focus on my video and set about “tweaking” things that are a little “off”.

This year spring is early and follows a fun winter – for me at least. It snowed numerous times, and even though I was stuck on my mountaintop in the ice, I still had electricity, telephone, internet and was happy like a little awestruck kid as I took long walks in the snow and made snow icecream. I realize others were hassled by the cold temperatures and snow, however they were not in my video!

Now spring has arrived in the mountains and it is absolutely heavenly! Wherever I look there are blossoms and flowers. My yard is the prettiest one in the neighborhood – not because I planted all of the fruit trees, bulbs, roses, and other decorative plants, but because I manifested this house and yard and my wonderous view. It was exactly what I wanted, so it is in my video.

Springtime Below

As I look down from my wonderful mountaintop I see the beautiful pastoral scene shown here nestled in-between the forest and ridges. And in the distance I see the largest undeveloped wilderness east of the Mississippi River. You see that above on my blog banner – with the summer solstice sun setting behind the Cohutta Wilderness and Blue Ridge Mountains fifty miles away. Right now the entire view is a fairyland of new leaves, blossoms, buds of all colors, shapes, textures. Just like an artist’s pallet. Nature is creating her world for the new season just as I continue to create my world – day by day.

I’m so glad you could stop by and visit my video today… not a youtube or on-line video, but my life video… where you are my wonderful viewers and players, as I act on my own stage of life! I’m having fun!

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