Give Healing a Chance!

When many individuals present to physicians with pain or ailments they want an immediate cure and instantaneous healing.  They feel that they “got sick” quickly, so they want to get well immediately. I know that when I’ve suffered from food poisoning in the past I’ve felt this way.

I believe that what people don’t understand or remember is that they didn’t really “get sick overnight”, but their lifestyle, environment, emotional burden and stress level probably created the scenario for illness over time. When the body could not stand any more, it shouted for help by showing symptoms, purging itself, alerting the person that the body had turned into a toxic waste dump that needed attention.

My parents still don’t believe in alternative health modalities. Even though I was married to a chiropractor for seventeen years they don’t recognize that as a viable occupation or health practice.  But, I am a strong proponent for supporting health and wellness – in conventional AMA-related ways as well as in using alternative holistic techniques.

I offer the following points to anybody who wants to stay well or get well:

  1. Realize the ramifications of your lifestyle. If you are living in the “fast lane”, then you may have to pay for it in some way.
  2. Be reasonable about your health and face the facts about how much you nurture yourself to stay or get well.
  3. Realize that meds can mask the pain or feelings associated with a condition, but they may not heal you or cure the root cause of the illness or dis-ease.
  4. Know that unless you remove the cause of your illness through some change, that you will not be able to really return to full health.
  5. Cutting out the disease will not cure a lifestyle that may have caused the disease.
  6. You have the power to heal yourself – from the inside out. Don’t wait until it is too late!
  7. Keeping yourself well costs much less than getting well after an illness.
  8. When you are convalescing you must give your body time to heal. Be realistic about how long it took to break down, and allow plenty of time for the healing process!
  9. Seek different kinds of assistance as you are in the healing process. Don’t just give your personal power away to one or two health providers and expect them to make you well. Take on the responsibility yourself and you will experience the difference!
  10. Use the holistic tools that you have studied. Apply them to see good results in your health and wellness!

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