Expanding our Breathing/Living Capacity with Emotional Freedom Technique

This afternoon I facilitated an international tele-class where we utilized Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) for expanding breathing capacity. One participant requested that issue because she was having problems taking in a full breath of air. Another person mentioned that she had problems with asthma and that blocked her exhilation of air.

This is a good issue to work with in a group because even if people don’t feel problems with their breathing, this serves as a doorway to other emotional issues. When one can fully breath in, expand one’s lungs to full capacity, and then freely breath out all of the air, there is a general feeling of well-being and expansion. This is in contrast with the way one feels when dealing with any emotional issue that seems less than pleasant. At this time of emotional contrast the breathing and general body structure seems to contract rather than expand. So, one may say that when there is any kind of negative emotional impact upon a person that person’s breathing is affected, even if he/she is not aware of it.

We used the EFT affirmation: “Even though I have trouble breathing fully and freely, I deeply and completely accept myself.” We adjusted this statement to be more specific for a few people, and as we used it many people commented on changes they were feeling. One person remarked that she went from not being able to breath at all to feeling that she could breath openly again. She was very relieved. Another stated that she would continue with the technique to work on her asthma. Another woman remarked that she felt very tired and found herself yawning repeatedly. She stated that she only kept tapping with the others because of the group energy – not because she had any problems breathing.  I responded that yawning and feeling sleepy or spacy are symptoms of energy shifts and releases. Without even knowing what emotional energy was being released this person experienced an energy shift that would benefit her.

Emotional Freedom Technique is quite a nice alchemical tool for a practicing Coach Alchemist like me. It easily and quickly and painlessly supports transformation or transmutation, and that seems to be what many people are looking for these days. I enjoy being here to help!!

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