Energy Shift through Fire

Late this afternoon I gave myself permission to work outside. My intention was to do more than to complete a task. I consciously used fire to purge some old energetics. This is something I do regularly, and it gives me peace of mind. Today I not only burned old papers that I was purging from my office, but I also set fire to a huge pile of brush that had been accumulating all summer. Burning papers and brush is not very profound. I utilized the energy of the fire to let go of certain thoughts, concerns, doubts in my mind. I released some psychological blockages and just allowed whatever energy wanted to be released in this way to do so. Sometimes I will actually write something on a piece of paper to burn and release. Today I did it all intentionally, and it felt good!!  And, it was a beautiful day and evening. As the fire died down I could see Venus and Jupiter in the western sky following a beautiful sunset over the mountains. I am so blessed!!

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