EFT or Tapping World Summit – Report on Day 4

I was excited by Day 4 of the EFT World Summit session on clearing pain. It provided multiple ways to address pain using EFT. These different approaches are all included in the way that I address a client with pain because I was first trained as a practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T.) before learning EFT,[learn more at http://www.netmindbody.com ], and the normal N.E.T. protocol includes these steps.

The part that I like is that in N.E.T. we utilize kinesiology so that a practitioner actually accesses the energy field around the client’s body to get the specific answers about the first occasion of the emotion behind the issue, where it is being held, what it is, and the priority for clearing multiple issues, etc.

Often emotional issues or energy blockages are carried from even before birth in the DNA, so one’s own memory of a first occurrence will enable a successful clearing using EFT, and that may or may not go back to clear the original energy issue if it is pre-memory. N.E.T. can support clearing the issue from its origination.

Also, in N.E.T. I am able to identify specific emotions related to various organs, meridians, and parts of the body. When a client is stuck and not sure of what he or she is feeling, then I can make some suggestions by asking questions, and usually that will trigger even more awareness in the client about the issue. One can do the same thing with EFT if there is time to spend, however, I feel that I can shift more energy in a short period of time by utilizing some of the steps in N.E.T. when the hard cases come up with multiple issues, and then utilize EFT to help in the actual clearing process.

EFT is a wonderful tool that I use to simply and easily clear issues, pain, etc. And Gwenn Bonnell’s points are very good. When a client really wants to know more and desires a wholistic full-spectrum diagnosis and clearing, then I use N.E.T. – sometimes mixed with some EFT tapping. There are other tapping techniques that provide “the details” of a person’s condition if someone wants more, but because it is not necessary to understand ALL of the nuances around a condition, often EFT can easily clear the issue without going more deeply. For this reason I like to use EFT first, then bring in the additional tools from my own toolbox if they are needed!!

For more information about EFT, you may go to Gary Craig’s website at http://www.emofree.com. And, it is not too late to sign up for the EFT World Summit. Just go to:  http://is.gd/tmGR .

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