N-hanced EFT Energy Therapy Complimentary Calls

I am so excited today to share some upcoming complimentary calls that include energy therapy tips for you. Each of these calls has a different topic, and all will help you to clear your resistance to experience a free state of Pure Potentiality!

The first call will be on Thursday night, May 12th at 8:00 p.m. EDT. That call will be about how to clear all blocks to your success using energy therapy. It relates well to my e-book Ten Keys to Pure Potentiality which is available to download from http://MyEFTCoach.com . To register for that call you may go to: http://is.gd/GlobalTeleclass for my program description, and to register.

The second free live tele-seminar will be my own special Bonus Group Coaching EFT TAPShop call on Tuesday, May 31st at 2:00 p.m. EDT. To sign up and receive the call-in number and a follow-up recording, plus additional Bonus call recordings from previous calls. You may sign up at: http://is.gd/BonusTAPshop . Our topic for the May 31st call will be: “Become More Successful by Clearing Your Resistance to Delegating and Asking for Help”. We will focus on letting go of issues around worthiness to receive help, fear of asking for support, hesitation to spending money for assistance, among others.

I have also added some additional complimentary EFT mp3 recordings and e-guides on my website EFT Resources Page, and I invite you to check them out. And, if you are interested in the Tapping Insiders’ Club, look for my recorded interview with Jessica Ortner discussing using N-hanced EFT to clear auto-immune disorders.

Finally, because I am an NET practitioner as well as an EFT facilitator and trainer, I have added an on-line wellness check for you to evaluate your health in a meridian-based way. After taking the on-line questionnaire I offer you a complimentary consult to discuss the results. You may sign up for this by going to: http://is.gd/NhancedEFTWellnessConsult . You may also learn more about the balanced model of health from my NET guru Dr. Scott Walker in his short video about the NET Home Run Formula.

I hope you enjoy these springtime specials to help in your conscious transformation! Look for my birthday specials next month!

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