Eating Disorders and Coaching?

So often coaches take on issues that may well be outside of the coaching area unless the coach has specialized tools. Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating are serious life-threatening conditions that are usually beyond the scope of regular coaching.

It has been my experience as an energy psychologist and coach that eating disorders stem from deep subconscious issues that may be based on DNA patterning, in-womb energetics picked up through the mother, pre-verbal infant perception-based inner beliefs, as well as conscious life experiences. Often the person finds that their eating habits are the only thing that they can control in life, so they manipulate that arena. This is more than basic coaching can usually handle.

In the cases where an eating disorder comes from boredom, confusion, scope-creep, shifting priorities, lack of focus, then a coach can be very beneficial and usually the eating order can be cleared up as the client begins to reclaim focus and direction with the coach’s help.

When a person presents to a coach or therapist with an intention to let go of an eating disorder this may or may not be something that is actually possible without first clearing out some of the subconscious energetics. In some cases the person sets an intention and then with help from the right practitioner/support person, it is achieved.

In many other cases the person’s subconscious has set up a threshold of success that their will alone will never be able to penetrate. Even though this person may REALLY wish to change the behavior, there is deep inner belief that it is unsafe to be healthy, that they do not deserve to be healthy, that something bad will happen if they get healthy, that they will lose control if they get healthy, that God doesn’t want them to be healthy, etc. I’ve encountered all of these, and none were consciously realized by the person with the eating disorder.

As an energy psychologist I support people to clear the underlying emotional issues that are carried in their electro-magnetic fields and that create their underlying values, beliefs, and habits throughout life. Until these emotionally-based charges are cleared from the electro-magnetic physiology, the habit or issue cannot be totally cleared. Once the energetic charge is cleared – then it is gone and the person is then free to change his or her life.

So, if you are a coach and would like to know more, I would enjoy talking with you about this. Also, on my website are some recordings (FREE)  that share some of the energy-clearing techniques that I use, and there is a special coach-training section too.

I often partner with coaches to support their clients – helping to clear the underlying issues and then returning the client to their coach to continue with regular coaching maintenance. Also, some of you may have used one of the coach training manuals that I co-wrote with several big-named master coaches for their coach training institutes.

I love to support coaching so that everybody wins!!

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