Distance Emotional Freedom Technique and Neuro Emotional Technique

Wow! Today I had a fun time with a phone coaching client. She attended my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)  January tele-class series and learned and applied EFT with other participants. In our one-on-one session she had the option of bringing in any issue and also helping me to decide which tool to use.

Since this client knew that I also facilitate N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique), she asked if I could use that with her since she had been treated successfully with that in the past. I really love both EFT and N.E.T. and find both to be very effective with freeing people from all kinds of issues – from emotional pain to physical pain, and everywhere in-between!!

Neuro Emotional Technique is used world-wide by all kinds of physicians. In using this tool, like with Emotional Freedom Technique, the facilitator accesses the electro-magnetic field of the person’s body receiving the treatment. This tool is more detailed than EFT and includes issue diagnosis and wholistic understanding of where emotional energy blockages begin and end, and which issues are related to others. Some clients simply enjoy knowing more and being able to release a broader spectrum of related issues consciously and quickly at the same time.

Usually I utilize N.E.T. when I meet with a client in person, but since I can read my client’s energy via distance using specific tools, we decided to have a distance N.E.T. session. Within thirty minutes we had identified and released two major emotional clusters that were affecting her body and blocking my client’s ability to manifest great abundance in her chosen field. We both felt the profound energy shifts. It was a very powerful and fun session.

I look forward to hearing great news from this client as she easily glides to the top of her professional area, feels more comfortable within some new and old relationships, and notices some changes in her body. And, since she has Emotional Freedom Technique as a tool that she can facilitate herself, if any related issues arise she can easily let go of them on her own!! Sometimes it just takes getting rid of the biggest log jam and then a client can take care of the rest on his/her own.

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