Conscious Living: Keeping our Spirits High!!

Last night I met with a group of like-minded coaches and we discussed some of the mechanisms that we utilize to help ourselves stay emotionally free from the gloom and doom of our news environment. We all realize how important it is for us to keep our own emotional batteries charged so that we can support those who come to us as clients needing our support. I regularly endorse this sense of “conscious living” in my ezine which you can find at: .

To keep my spirits high – year around, I regularly remind myself of the following:

  • People enjoy my energy more when I am smiling, and it actually raises my frequency to use those smile muscles. So, even in a serious training or coaching situation I remind myself to add a little piece of joy – because it will spread!
  • In my “past life” I used to be a news addict – I read several large city daily newspapers, subscribed to the the Wall Street Journal and The Economist, watched nightly news reports, and generally liked knowing what was going on all around me. Four years ago when I moved to the beautiful mountains of Georgia I decided to drop television and major news reports out of my life. It has been such a blessing. Now, whenever I’m tempted to listen to the “gloom & doom” reports, I remember that I always receive news that I need to know, and in the meantime I can continue to hold a higher vibration while I am NOT focusing on the negative reports coming in from around the globe!!
  • When I am stressed I realize that getting outside into nature for a walk or a gardening project always soothes me. It also inspires me. I recently re-designed my entire website in a short walk around my mountain neighborhood. It helps me to put all of my thoughts and emotions into proper perspective and gives me the full view of the “bigger picture” of life. I don’t even need to add how it helps my cardio-vascular system to walk, and it generally energizes me for doing a more efficient job of handling my daily tasks. I win all the way around, just by taking a short walk outside!!
  • I’ve been practicing yoga for over thirty-five years. Several years ago I learned to do Kundalini Yoga – the “king of all yogas”. It is known for its “breath of fire” and strenuous mudras and poses. I know that I can access my own inner strength when I practice this wonderful discipline. I highly recommend yoga of some form to everyone. It helps mind, body, and spirit in many ways!
  • When Sundancer, my wonderful macaw, still lived with me (see my last blog entry), it was almost impossible to stay serious in her company. She was always up to some kind of antic that made me laugh. Even after my cats and dogs were no longer with us to pat and hug, Sunny loved to be cuddled and touched, and I helped her to preen her feathers daily. Pets are a blessing when it comes to keeping our spirits high, and they often take that on as their personal assignment to serve us.
  • In my e-book FLOWING FORWARD: Transforming Your Life from the Inside – Out (for your free copy go to: I include an entire section on journaling to change your life. Within each journal page is a gratitude section. Gratitude is such a major factor in keeping our spirits and vibrations high. I like to journal my gratitude and also use my private walk time as a gratitude time, where I just look around me and list all of the things in my life for which I am grateful. That is such a wonderful energy-booster! And, what we focus on comes to us, so if we are grateful for what we have, we will attract MORE of what we want!!  ;-))
  • When the wear and tear of life are just too much I like to take a hot epsom salt bath. That is so soothing and can definitely cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. You can leave the bath with a squeaky clean aura, and that alone will make you feel better!!
  • Contra dancing is a wonderful way that Martin and I can escape from every-day life, have fun, get vigorous exercise, enjoy our wonderful community of friends, and re-charge our inner batteries. Life always seems different after a good contra dance!! For more information you can go to: .
  • I daily clear my energy, and tomorrow’s blog will go into more detail on various ways that this can be done so that I don’t have to carry around other people’s emotions, energetics, etc.
  • I also employ Emotional Freedom Technique with myself and share this and Neuro Emotional Technique with my clients. They are both potent and will immediately shift and release energy that might have held a person captive for an entire lifetime. For more information about tools that I use and share with others you can go to:

These are just a few of the wonderful life-changing ways that I help myself (and others) to THRIVE instead of merely SURVIVE. They work for me, so you may want to try them for yourself!!

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