Conscious Alignment

For many years I have worked in Corporate America using and developing innovative tools to support Spirit in Business. Conscious Alignment is definitely something that benefits everyone within a business – at all levels.

 Conscious Alignment is a part of the Aligned Management Program that I have developed for conscious businesses, and you may read an article about this at:  to learn some basics.

This Conscious Alignment model is wonderful in its ability to support individuals in their own conscious transformation as well as their teams, departments, divisions, and the entire organization. It is appropriate for organizations and their leaders who truly wish for conscious transformation and the creation of resonance within their organizations. There are a variety of “training” or “organizational & team development” tools that I incorporate into this process, and I support these with energetic tools such as Emotional Freedom Technique/ EFT. I find that this simple-to-use tool greatly supports individuals to clear all resistance and blocks to teammates, their environment, projects, tasks, direction from superiors, just among many other business issues.

For this concept to work the bottom line is that the leaders must really want to change so that the entire organization comes into alignment and all involved share a co-creative resonant field. These leaders must be strong, committed, ready & willing to change, able to allow those not aligned to leave the organization (including some vendors & customers at times). If they truly want conscious alignment, then they will be rewarded beyond what can be imagined, however there must be a strong commitment.

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