My Options for Concrete Coverings to Promote Earthing Health Benefits

I’ve been enjoying and enduring a construction project in my office area that came about for numerous reasons. The final thought that launched the project was based on my being able to have a full room where I could walk and become grounded from a true and un-insulated “earthing” standpoint.

So, during all of the design and building this room has become much more than I had originally planned, and even the floor had morphed into being covered with tile for decoration purposes… until today. This room may become the premier room of the entire house, however, now I have a conflict.

Today I spent a beautiful spring day bending over my counter, stove, and kitchen sink. I’ve baked scones, bread, and a fruit crisp… and they will all be delicious, however in the process I’ve developed a stabbing back pain in my thoracic spine that has bothered me since I was a little five-year-old taking piano lessons. (Yes, I probably have emotional issues still stored there even though I’ve cleared quite a few….) So, I’ve been dancing with my tunes, stretching, and other things that often ease the pain… to no avail.

And then I took a phone call and walked into my new room. It is still bare concrete poured over the ground and gravel, and I opted out of any insulating material in the concrete. I walked into the room and took off my socks, and within a couple of minutes the pain had totally disappeared. (Now I’m back in my main office being bombarded with WIFI EMF’s, and still the pain has not gone back up to the original level. Hmmm.) So, the thought of covering my bare concrete with anything that could block my opportunity to be grounded is causing me to rethink the idea of using anything other than what I already have… a wonderful healing room with bare slab.

From a decorator perspective, how do I create a good electron-conducting surface and make it look good at the same time? Unfortunately the beautiful concrete finish that I had hoped to attain went awry when a big snowstorm set in the evening that we poured the concrete. Here in the mountains we cannot always predict what the weather will be. So, now I wonder how I can create a smooth and good-looking surface from this rough and now dirty concrete floor… and maintain the conductivity.

Before I go to the main Earthing website at I want to make a list of options and then maybe they can provide more data to help in my decision. Here are the items which I believe will cancel out my wonderful grounded effect because they include insulating aspects:

  • Ceramic tile
  • Porcelain tile
  • Paint
  • Sealant
  • Wood floor
  • Carpet
  • Linoleum
  • etc.

I’m hoping that my builders can level out the floor and sand the surface so that it is very smooth… then I will research options to make it pretty… even though I will probably place some oriental rugs over parts of the floor. I still want to be able to walk barefoot in that room and get the good grounding effects!

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  • Anne Merkel PhD
    November 1, 2014

    Hi jp – When I was finishing my room I truly wished to offer earthing support there for my clients, my pets, and me! I had basic concrete poured – without any fiberglass or other polymer filling. That would have worked, however my slab turned out to be uneven with waves (due to a snowstorm the night it was poured)… and even with patches it was not something I wanted to show. Before I knew it was ruined I went to Home Depot and found some nice concrete dies (2 tone packs) that would work on a smooth concrete surface… if that is what you have. (Just make sure that the product includes no polymers, glues, adhesives, and do not put a clear finish of wax or polish on top.) Since my slab was ruined I used natural stone tile. Slate is pretty but a bit rough when left natural, so I chose travertine tile… and although it does include an acrylic polymer in the filler (travertine is porous rock with “airholes”, so these need to be patched), the actual stone sections are perfect for earthing as long as you use natural, non-polymer grout to put it down… and remember not to put a covering on the tile (wax or polish). Mine looks wonderful & is easily cleaned. I love the earthing effect! Good luck!

  • jp
    October 22, 2014

    Any luck on an earthing concrete finish? Needed to choose something fast for the barre concrete in my earthing, barefoot restaurant. Many thanks!

  • Anne Merkel PhD
    December 19, 2013

    Thanks for the suggestion. My new “earthing room” and office waiting room had such a horrible concrete slab that I had to place something over it… even a beautiful floor finish would not have helped the bad slab job. So, I chose natural stone tile, and not only is it beautiful, but I can definitely feel the earthing effect… and it is wonderful! Just the therapeutic addition that I had desired for that room in my healing center! 🙂

  • Rosetta
    September 10, 2013

    Earthen paint or plaster.
    Check out cob building techniques for beautiful! ! Natural and grounding floor finishes. They can be applied over concrete easily.

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