Coaching and Energy Work

Over twenty years ago I was not yet involved with energy therapies in the way that I am now, however I had been introduced to energy healing, color therapy, aura-reading, energy management, and other rather esoteric practices. I was facilitating a train-the-trainer corporate training series for a group of technicians at a large Westinghouse turbine plant in Charlotte, NC. Discussion following one class shifted suddenly to talk about psychic phenomenon, extra sensory perception, and ghosts. As one of the soon-to-be trainers (a former welder) opened up and  gave his personal account of an experience, soon all of the others were chiming in and sharing their own adventures with the paranormal. Since that time I have witnessed this type of sharing of un-natural occurrences take place many times. And since then I have learned a great deal about how to interpret and work with some of these occurrences.

On July 2nd I will be the monthly guest speaker for the Group Coaching Special Interest Group. My topic will be The Benefits of Group Coaching Using Energy Therapies. During that talk I probably won’t go into too much detail because of time constraints, so I decided to share one issue here, for all of you who are open to the more esoteric and mysterious aspects of life.

Most people have heard of or have seen the original Exorcist movie. The spinning head and green foam are a bit Hollywood-ish, but the concept of exorcizing entities that do not belong somewhere has been around for many centuries, in many cultures. Usually the entities are just confused and need to be given compassionate direction. These are the kind I work with the most.

On Halloween we all laugh about ghosts and children dress up in sheets, but how many of you have ever seen a ghost or communicated with an out-of-body entity? I have, and it began many years ago, but that is another story.

Over the years I have had many people approach me for help dealing with unexplained phenomenon. I don’t know how the word has gotten out, but I have worked successfully with a number of cases. I find this kind of work to be very interesting, and I trust my own training and guidance to do what is  in the highest good for all concerned, or to refer the people elsewhere.

  • Most people carry energetic “cords” with them that are connected to parents, children, other family members, past and present lovers, among others. There are easy ways to disconnect the cords that are no longer beneficial to someone. Whenever I work with a client using Reiki and Healing Touch I disconnect unbeneficial cords.
  • Sometimes there are entities that hang around after death and visit loved ones. This happened to me when a dear older cousin died and stayed around me for two years. She and I could openly communicate whenever I wanted, and it was quite a blessing to me at the time. One day she came to me and said it was time for her to leave, and she did. At that point I felt her loss and missed her. Periodically she still visits me in the dream state and we have wonderful “catch up” sessions.
  • In some cases entities actually enter the bodies of live people. In the case of trance channels this is often done with the host’s permission for limited time periods in a supervised setting. In other cases entities might be lost and just attach themselves to another person. I helped to remove the entity of a young child from one of my clients and in so doing  ended a series of regular panic attacks that had been going on for six years whenever the client wanted to leave her home. Many other physicians and therapists had been baffled by her condition, and one session took care of the problem.

All of this sounds very strange – and it is. When I find things – energy, energetics, entities, whatever – that do not belong in somebody’s energy field, I simply remove or disconnect the energies. If I can’t do it myself I call in “helpers” and that usually works. My clients may or may not be open to hearing about what I am doing, and I normally talk to them in terms that they can understand and feel comfortable with. I have been invited into hospitals and homes to do energy clearing with patients and locations. It is just one of the applications of my energy therapy work.

When a client presents to me with an esoteric problem I use many traditional coaching skills, and then I pull out my extra bag of tricks to deal with the aspects that may not be apparent to most people.  I feel blessed with a special gift and I’m glad I can use it to help others.

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