Coach Alchemist Anne Attending NET / NEXT Refresher Seminars

For anyone trying to reach me yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I am in Atlanta attending an intensive double seminar in Neuro Emotional Technique / NET and Neuro Emotional Extra Techniques / NEXT with many other physicians and licensed health practitioners. For me these three days mark a fantastic opportunity for me to refresh my NET skills so that I can be a better practitioner for my regional and distant clients who present to me with physical, emotional, mental pain.

As a long-time practitioner of this very profound modality, I am honored to know its founder, Dr. Scott Walker, for whom I hold the deepest respect. He has incorporated the best from kinesiology, meridian therapies, and homeopathics to support the wholistic health of patients world-wide.

My intention in taking the refresher is to learn the newest technology, update my background research data, and come back into my practice with better ways of applying NET alone as well as integrating it with EFT for distance work by phone.

For more information about NET you may go to: or contact me directly at: .

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