Change: Endings and New Beginnings…

On this date, December 17, a number of years ago, I left my old life and ventured into the unknown. It was very difficult for me. I was being urged by my soul, and still the fear was almost unbearable. I was unhappy and alone for months after that important move, and gradually I re-created my life to eventually lead me to the now that I am living much more authentically and happily than before.

Today is the perfect day to launch a new phase in my new life, and that is what I will share with you below, but it is also a celebration of the ending of life for a friend who died last weekend. Jack was always authentic to me. He told me what made him happy, what made him mad. He shared his thoughts and his passions. He didn’t just talk about what made him smile – he lived his life fully, and died being his full active self… he was only 56. We will miss him and I’ll take my flute to his memorial because he so loved when we played music at night around the campfire.

Whenever there is change something is let go of as something new is chosen. This crossroads of leaving the comfort of the past and moving into the unknown of the future is often unnerving. Sometimes it takes us humans a bit of time to shift gears, but we are resilient critters and we soon are able to look at the benefits of the decisions we have made for ourselves.

It is my opinion that the scariest kind of change is the change that is un-planned and sudden. Like the sudden death of a loved one. If we can consciously change, then the unknown holds less fear for us.

On that note I’d like to share that it is time to launch some changes in the programs that I am offering to you. I have let go of the slower-paced series and replaced them with shorter more intensive programs for targeted audiences who want advanced-level deep shifts to happen in their lives and practices.

Advanced Living and Loving: is a three-month program that speaks to a wide audience of those who wish to REALLY transform their lives for the better using wholistic energy therapy tools including EFT. It is starting in January 2010 and enrollment is determined via interview/coaching session. The techniques covered in this program will go way beyond traditional EFT and MTT tools, and will guide you to identify and balance your deepest values, clear self-sabotaging patterns, vision and create that life you most desire.

Going Deeper with Your Clients: is a highly specialized three-month program just for coaches, therapists, and wellness practitioners of all kinds. It is starting in early February, 2010, and enrollment is done via interview. This program offers support and new tools so that every coach, therapist, wellness practitioner will be able to go deeper with their clients to clear blockages, pain, emotional discomfort. I will provide the “secret tools” for participants to excel beyond past levels in their practices.

Today I am also launching an affiliate program for The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services, where my friends, colleagues, readers like you, can benefit from helping me to share information about these new programs. The affiliate link can be found at the bottom of each web page.

Some people may believe that after almost thirty years of training, coaching, working with clients, that all of this would be second nature to me. But change of any kind takes some getting used to. In preparing the high calibre programs that I am sharing above I have walked through the layers of my own fears, and now am ready to share strategies that absolutely will support conscious change… I know, because I had to test them on myself first. And, this all started on December 17th so many years ago.

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