Balanced Leadership

During my long career in Corporate America I often worked with female executives or mid managers on their way up. Because women in my generation had few executive women role models we often erroneously patterned our behavior after our male counterparts. There is nothing more disgusting than a female executive using masculine approaches to leadership and management. I know this from experience – I was a royal BITCH when I managed seventeen employees at the tender age of twenty-four. The job got done – WELL – but the people were not very happy with me. Still, twenty-plus years later some of my old employees are still running the institute that I created back then, so I must have done something right!

Balance is a key to all leadership and management – whether one is male or female. We all have both the YIN and YANG energies and need to learn to balance the feminine and masculine tendencies in ourselves. When we achieve good balance, where we can be strong, courageous, clear, and still compassionate, loving, and tender, THEN we will really be able to achieve as we also nurture and support others around us to grow. Employee retention will soar as quality and productivity improves, and the people will all be happier as a full-WIN situation is created.

When I was younger I was frustrated with the fact that I am an abstract thinker. I am an artist and an analytical mental-driven literal thinker. It used to be difficult to make decisions because I could always see both sides of an issue. I was caught up in a “black and white” world, and yet, I saw the full spectrum of colors in the rainbow. Situational Leadership and true balance in leader practices teaches one to be able to see and understand the full spectrum.

After many years directing corporate training and development I still have a love for business and helping leaders therein to find their own inner balance through conscious living practices. With balance comes more peace, love, and joy – as well as leadership and bottom-line success!!

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