Alchemy in Action

Isn’t it wonderful when nature applauds an action that we take??  Yesterday when I was facilitating my tele-course “30 Days to Emotional Freedom for the New Year… and the Rest of Your Life”, I took some risks. [ ]

Years ago I lived in northern California. I connected with holistic health experts, extraterrestrial groups, energy workers, savvy business executives, trance channelers, world-level corporate managers, artists, earth people, high tech designers, all kinds of ethnic groups spanning all socio-economic levels. It was such a wonderful time for me to expand and take it all in. I started my business there in 1985 and it grew. I nurtured my clients and outwardly labeled myself a spiritual business consultant and trainer. The business and I were really ready to take off when my then husband decided that he would take a job in Charlotte, North Carolina. In our move I cried as I drove all the way across the country. I love the west. I love California. I love the people and the openness out there. At that time in Charlotte I found that many women’s psychological and emotional profiles were at least 50 years behind those of California women. People and businesses were conservative. I was almost crucified on stage several times as I spoke my “truth” for large audiences who had invited me to speak. Contracts were broken, people snubbed me,… until I conformed and put on a mask. I learned to quote the Bible and changed my semantics so that nobody would recognize me as the Alchemist, Metaphysician, Healer that I really am. I denied myself.

So, while I was presenting my class yesterday, now in my new life, new home, with very different circumstances all around me, I took the risk of BEing ME. I just dove in and DID IT. And, the energy swirled around the house. My wonderful cabin on top of my mountain was engulfed with a mini-blizzard. Even though it was warmer than freezing, the storm clouds whipped wind and snow around the cabin, against the windows, up the mountainside onto my deck. I thought maybe I would lose my electricity and my phone line, but I did not. It was beautiful to behold the 100 foot pines dancing back and forth in the strong wind and horizontally blowing snow. Wow. The energy show of nature!! 

I took it all as a pat on the back from the Universe for doing a good job and BEing ME!! And so, from here on I will be having even MORE FUN than before because I will move forward totally in my TRUTH, being the Alchemist, Metaphysician, Healer that I really am!!  ;-))

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  • John Peragine
    January 12, 2009

    Hey there. I follow you on Twitter.Just know there are other metaphysicinas in Carolina as well. We live the life we have chosen. Its a pleasure to meet you

    John Peragine

  • Jason Profit
    January 11, 2009

    Be who you are 🙂

    Those of us who are brave enough to continue to share these mind opening concepts will be the light.

    I am in the heart of the bible belt so I can understand your culture shock. lol

    Be the healer… be the alchemist… be the metaphysian… BE YOU! If you have 4 people hating on you now then you are heading the right direction! See if you can have 8 hating you by summer.

    For if the conservative dinosaurs are barking you are rattling dogma to the core. Push forward and claim your blessings and rewards.

    Much energy
    ~Jason Profit

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