Alchemical Holiday Musings

Wow – today I’m finally going to decorate my Holiday tree. Yes, TODAY, the 30th of December!!  ;-))  And, you may ask, WHY have I waited so long??  Well, I reply, this year I have changed my holiday traditions into GOLD (just like ANY good alchemist). One thing that I have changed is my intention to have FUN doing things just the way that I WANT to do them, instead of the way others expect me to.

This Holiday has been fantastic for Martin and me. We have both had fun, we are happy – no holiday blues this year!! We have been as active as we WANT to be, and have enjoyed everything without feeling that we’ve been pressured in any way. Even an encounter with a “dance gestapo” didn’t break our lively spirits.

Part of me planned to write in my blog daily during the holiday, and the other part just didn’t get to it, so guess what??  I’ve got LOTS of great topics that I could have written about, and maybe sometime in the future I WILL!!  (Notice I said COULD HAVE rather than SHOULD HAVE!!)  ;-))

The topics that you missed hearing about include the following:

  • Wonderful progress of coaching participants in my Emotional Freedom for the Holidays tele-series.
  • Pulling my Christmas tree up the mountain and realizing that I didn’t really need a 16-foot tree in my 12-foot-tall cabin!!
  • Creating the New Year’s of your Dreams tele-series and laser coaching FREE offers that begin on January 7th – go to:
  • Roasting DUCK for Christmas dinner – YUM!!
  • Break-throughs coaching clients to use Emotional Freedom Technique!!  Hooray!!
  • 300+ FREE bonuses from coaching colleagues to access at:
  • Manifesting a BIG new TV for my new yoga studio in my office!!
  • Conscious Living ezine special issues during December with many new sign-ups!! You can go to: .
  • My new office desk chair – zooming into the New Year feeling GREAT!!  ;-))
  • My GRATITUDE for a wonderful Holiday, a wonderful Mate, and a wonderful Life!!
  • My intentions for my New Year – 2009 – the BEST YEAR YET!!   ;-))
  • My gratitude for YOU, my dear reader!!    ;-))   Thanks for being there!!

Well, I’m sure I’ve forgotten many topics that crossed my mind to write about, and, that is OK, and I’m sure 2009 will flow in with or without them!!  ;-))   Won’t be long now… tick, tick, tick…

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