A Wonderful Day in Paradise Using My Alchemy!!

Today was such a wonderful day that I’m still up writing about it at 1:30 a.m. Today I started facilitating a series of four tele-classes entitled: 30 Days to Emotional Freedom for the New Year… and the Rest of Your Life. (You can find out more at: http://is.gd/cgO4 .) Over 200 people registered to attend the series. Not that many showed up for the live call today, but the RIGHT people were there!! 

What I liked most about the call was the quality of the people. They called in from England, Canada, and all over the US. They were all willing to do whatever it takes to shift their lives for the better in this New Year. This is what kindles my passion. I love working with people who REALLY want to create a difference in their lives and are willing to go to a deeper level of consciousness to achieve that.

While I was leading a guided visualization I followed my own guidance to do it a bit differently than I usually facilitate the process. I was afraid at first that I would be too “woo-woo” or esoteric, and would turn some people off. Instead there were rave reviews at the end of the process and people were deeply touched with inner guidance from their Higher Selves.

I personally learned several things from this session. 1- Quality is much more important than quantity in who attends my tele-classes. 2- It was much more fun for me to be esoteric and metaphysical using my own alchemy than to try to speak “status quo” to the least evolved person in the audience. 3- By following my guidance wherever it led me I actually helped others more than I would have by sticking to my original process plans. 4- I like the “authentic” me better than the me standing behind the mask. 5- I think I’ll come out of the closet to be my whole SELF as I upgrade and rewrite my website in the near future. 6- It is time for me to step forward into my full power to apply my alchemy and to BE ME!! 

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  • Therapeutic Messenger
    January 9, 2009

    Some years ago while working in No. Calif and So. Oregon I was posing a question in my meditation that basically went like this. I have been a lot of things in my life, the most basic and obvious being a human being, then a child then an adolescent,then a logger then a US Marine,then a ballet dancer, then again a logger,a merchant, a truck driver, a refrigeration mechanic, a water purification tech, a prelaw/nursing/alcohol chem dependency student,a terminally diagnosed hep c patient.But what am I really, that can describe my purpose here in this place and time? Something, a term that describes both what I am and what I do by purpose and design? In the wee hours of the morning while just awakening to the peaceful darkness of predawn a small voice came to me in my quiet and said, “why silly, you are a therapeutic messenger. So the next time some one asked me what it is that I do I answered with a very matter of fact statement; I am a Therapeutic Messenger by both calling and avocation, but did a variety of things to pay the rent and feed the body.
    In this new century, I have determined to organize my life and energies to providing for my needs by the vehicle of therapeutic messenger. No small task as not everyone is geared to hearing therapeutic messages. So as an alchemist any suggestions?

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