A Subtle Case of Law of Attraction: Watch What You Feel – Appear!

It is already Wednesday and I missed my “Miracle Monday” deadline since I was traveling out-of-state for the funeral of a dear family friend.  In the trip back to my birth city of Louisville, Kentucky, I did encounter a fantastic case of Law of Attraction that some might call a synchronicity and others a miracle!

I live presently in a gorgeous area of Georgia.  dscn0312Now that autumn has arrived and the sun is moving lower in the southern sky the sunbeams and shadows are longer. The sun’s angle shining through my hemlock forest into my cabin on the mountain reminds me of the late afternoons of my high school days when I played field hockey on the team and enjoyed gorgeous sunsets from the Seneca Park playing field in Louisville.

Several days last week I thought of those fun afternoons full of autumn beauty, fresh air, friends, happy voices, envigorating exercise. I consciously went to that inner “feeling place” as I recalled the beauty of those days and now my similar sense of beauty. I felt the glow of the sun, the joy it brought me, the gorgeous shadows through the wonderful trees around the park, the excitement I felt looking for friends on the sidelines as I ran along hitting the ball with my hockey stick. My surrogate brother and dear friend Harry used to show up with some of his friends to urge us on, and to flirt, and it was so much fun!

Well, on Saturday morning I received news that my father’s best friend, and Harry’s father had died in Louisville. I headed off for the gathering of friends and family, and the funeral. It was a gorgeous six hour drive up and since I was not sure where I was going in the big metropolitan area of Louisville,  http://www.mapquest.com provided directions to the funeral home. As I left the interstate and entered a neighborhood that looked vaguely familiar I looked over and to my amazement, there was Seneca Park, full of people having fun just as I had so many years ago. I probably have not seen this park since the late 1970’s when I used to ride my bike through there. I was totally amazed at what my thinking and feeling had created in my reality. After feeling the beauty of my memories of Seneca Park just a few days before, now here I was driving past that same place after so many years away. Wow!

The first person who came up to me when I entered the funeral home was Harry, and we shared a long and emotional hug before I went over to see my own sisters and his brothers and mom. It was a heart-felt short visit, and I am still awed at the synchronicities of my thoughts of the last week and the experience of actually being at the place of my thoughts. Wow again!

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