A Pause for a New Beginning from the Dark Night of the Soul

Regularly I work with clients who are re-creating their lives after major trauma. To many of them a New Beginning means the difference between choosing life – or death. I understand this state of the “dark night of the soul”, because I have been there. I returned and created my New Life, although it took years to do this. Tomorrow our nation will begin a return from its own “dark night of the soul”.

Conscious people in my region appreciated what today represented and honored Martin Luther King and his legacy here in the USA. During his life he spoke of a RETURN from the dark night of slavery and torment that his race had endured in this country for many years. This three-day weekend provided a nice opportunity to pause and reflect – and to be grateful that a man had a dream of a new, different life and a new beginning for people of color in this country. Tomorrow Martin Luther King’s dream will be partially fulfilled. A new beginning of ONE-NESS will be solidified tomorrow with the swearing in of our 44th President of the United States of America. 

Tonight it has snowed. The county schools have just been closed for tomorrow. These same conscious people and their children now have an opportunity to pause for another day and witness via media coverage the New Beginning represented by this Presidential Inauguration. The pomp and circumstance will occur tomorrow. The parties and processions will mark the celebration of this New Beginning and return from the dark night of the soul that our history reflects. In our region all can pause to share this occasion. And, since the children will be home from school and some businesses may also be closed, families who choose to may share this moment in history together.

What a blessing that Nature has offered this opportunity to my neighbors and me to pause for this New Beginning!!

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