Wellness Retreat Housing Packages

Often when people come here for a Wellness Retreat they choose to let me help to recommend special housing options. We have everything from single motel rooms to large rental cabins… and everything in-between. So, I hope this page will help you to decide what works best for you and your budget!

General Housing Options

This is a resort area perfect for a retreat, and in our county alone we have almost 1500 rental cabins of all shapes and sizes and prices available. We also have regular motels and an exclusive Inn/ Bed & Breakfast. The best place to shop region-wide prices and check out general options would be to go here. . .

When you call to schedule your retreat you may get information from me about neighborhoods closest to my office where you may find conveniently located rental cabins.

Also, there is a new Hampton Inn in downtown Blue Ridge that may soon offer a discount, so if interested please inquire with me.

Blue Ridge Inn Bed and Breakfast

To receive even more nurturing in an “in town” setting, the Blue Ridge Inn offers a special bed-and-breakfast discounted Wellness Package for you with either single rooms or suites. (As you are registering with me please provide information on any special foods you require or stay away from for your unique diet, and any other special needs you may have.)   I created this joint venture with the owner of the Blue Ridge Inn Bed & Breakfast, and he is offering discounted prices and special TLC just for people like you who are referred by me. *The photos here are pre-remodel!