Wellness Retreat Rates

Retreats can be made for individuals, couples, families, and small groups or teams. The basic per person fees are determined by number of days and number of participants in a party. Here are the basic single-person Retreat Rates:

One Day Retreat – $650:    

This one day will touch you and get you moving in a forward direction toward your health & wellness goals.

Two Day Retreat – $1250:      

This package will support day one with more physical and emotional balancing and support.

Three Day Retreat – $1850:    

Three days is equivalent to a regular six-week series – plus you get hands-on support and acupuncture!

Four Day Retreat – $2450:    

Four days of support puts you into re-balance healing mode that would take months otherwise.

And, ask about our Five Day Retreat Package which offers goal-setting for your new life, final base-line health analysis, and more support to go forward!

1-hour Genetics Counseling – $300/ day:   

For more information please contact us.