Private Retreat Guest Cabin Package

Several years ago I decided that it would be easier and more comfortable for you to Retreat here if I/we provided the guest cabin ourselves. After considering various options we found the perfect “cabin in the woods” to keep you healthy and allow you to reflect and relax. Here are some of the amenities and details for you to consider:

  • This is a private guest cabin for our own friends and family, and we know you will respect it and enjoy the solitude.
  • This is the easiest option to “book” because it can be wrapped into the price of the retreat and no other arrangements need to be made.
  • We require an up-front registration fee of $50 plus $100/night for maintenance and utilities.
  • The cabin is good for 2-3 adults, and we do not allow pets or children so that you may get the most from your experience.
  • The cabin is located 9 miles from my office, and some of our time together can be done at the cabin.
  • We can help you to plan outside activities for you or your traveling companion(s) while here.
  • We can provide basic food staples in the kitchen for an extra fee and also based on your own dietary requirements.
  • The cabin does not have wifi nor cell service at this time, and we prefer it that way. It comes with a scalar-wave producing “Cosmic Tower” in place.
  • In addition to Energy treatments you may also wish to play the oracle tarot-based game “Llumination – The Quest” which connects you with your Highest Self and desires.

There are many opportunities for relaxation and healing at the Retreat Guest Cabin. Feel free to ask me about it via a personal consult, or contact us. . .