Create a Conscious Holiday!

This Holiday Season why not create a Conscious Holiday! When you do, you have more fun, feel healthier, encourage the people around you to be more conscious and enjoy themselves at a higher level, and everyone wins!

Try changing the customs you have used every year to consciously create new Holiday traditions. This may include using different, healthier recipes for the same dishes you enjoy, inviting different people to gatherings, decorating your home in a fashion more consciously congruent with who you are now, attending new events that you’ve missed in the past, and consciously creating a different Holiday experience!

The more I learn in my research and studies, the more new conscious decisions I’m making about my lifestyle, diet, environment, and more… and it feels good! Everything new that I’m consciously putting into place for this Holiday Season is creating a different vibration than in the past… and that is invigorating for me! How much fun!!

So, make this month the beginning of your new year of Conscious Living by creating a Conscious Holiday!  I hope you enjoy more peace, love, joy, and health than ever before!

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