Satisfied Clients of Dr. Anne Merkel
and The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services

The Ariela Group of Wholistic Services and Dr. Anne Merkel, Senior Associate and Corporate Coach Alchemist, have served individual, organizational, and corporate clients world-wide with wholistic programs and services designed to meet specific business, lifestyle, and wellness needs.


Brief summaries of some of the Ariela Group contracts carried out for clients in over one hundred countries world-wide and all over the US and Canada are listed by industry categories below.


  • Leadership and Organizational Development, Team Building, Personal Success Coaching, Executive Success Coaching, Total Quality Training, ISO-9002 Certification, Operator Certification, Succession Planning for metals manufacturer, NC, SC, VA, PA
  • Editing of Ethics Training program for international conglomerate

Alternative Health Practitioners:

  • Presenter:  American Naturopathic Medical Association Annual Membership Meeting, NV
  • Certified Energy Therapy Practitioners via six-month program, USA & Canada
  • Created programs & videos, published texts & e-guides, World-wide audience
  • Coach & Trainer, World-wide

Banking and financial services:

  • Project Management, Executive Success Coaching, Leadership Development for nation-wide Bank, Mortgage Division, NC
  • Annual Strategic Planning Retreat Facilitation for regional federal credit union, SC
  • Computer Literacy, Language & Culture Training, Business Jargon for Saudi bank managers
  • Energy Psychology for personal trauma & loss, GA

Book publishers & Authors:

  • Text manuscript review and editing for two international book publishers, NY
  • Personal Success Coaching for projects, career-building, USA
  • Clearing writer’s block using Energy Psychology, USA

Chambers of Commerce:

  • Keynote Speaking, Executive Success Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Building, Total Quality Management, Change Management Consulting, Annual Strategic Planning Facilitation, Staff Coaching for several Chambers, NC, SC
  • Management of Member Leadership Program, Training & Coaching, NC
  • President/ Chairman of local Chamber, NC
  • Project Manager, NC

Civic Organizations:

  • Board Chair & Member of Board of Directors,
  • Presenter of EFT Seminar for Employers’ Committee, GA
  • Keynote speaker for District Conference Rotary International, NC, India
  • International representative for International Rotary Foundation, Uttra Pradesh, India
  • Meeting speaker for multiple Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Civitan, Employers’ Committees, etc. meetings. USA

Chemical Companies:

  • Leadership Development, Communication Skills, Delegation, corporate leaders in NC

Churches & Religious Organizations:

  • Strategic Planning, Process Improvement, Team Re-building Retreat, Executive Success Coaching, Keynote Speaking in KY, NC
  • Featured Presenter for Christmas Day Service, GA

Coaches and Therapists:

  • Presenter: Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology Annual Membership Meeting, VA
  • Certified Energy Therapy Practitioners via six-month program, USA & Canada
  • Intro to EFT for Coaches tele-seminar. Participants from all over the USA & Canada
  • Coach-the-Coach Training Program six-month series to train coaches. USA
  • Personal Success Coaching for Coaches, Success Business Coaching, Spiritual Business Building Coaching, NC, SC, WA, GA, HI, Germany, Singapore, Canada, Australia, England, UAE, etc.
  • EFT Coaching, Wholistic Healing, Neuro Emotional Technique. World-wide.
  • Coach Training Manual writing & Coach Business Building Guidebook writing & editing. USA


  • Stress Management, Motivational Coaching, Annual Meeting Keynote Speaker, Process Coaching, Strategic Planning Facilitation for several construction firms, NC, SC

Consulting Firms:

  • Project Management, Executive Success Coaching, Leadership Development, Sales Training, Training Program Design for environmental consulting firms in NC
  • Marketing Materials Design, Business Development for management consulting firms in NC, SC
  • Marketing, Business Planning, Team Re-building, Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Business Development, Leadership Development, Cross-cultural and Diversity Training for project consulting firms in CA, NC, KY, IN, OH

Educational Institutions:  clients_new_clip_image016    clients_clip_image002_0001   clients_new_clip_image006

  • General Academic Courses for Universities in KY, IN, OH, AZ, CA, OH, NC, SC, Mexico
  • MBA Courses for Universities in CA, AZ, NC, SC
  • Personal Success Coaching, Staff Development, Job Bank, Career Guidance for University in CA
  • Business Development for University and Community College in SC
  • Facilitation of Board of Trustees Annual Meeting for Community College in NC

Government agencies: clients_new_clip_image018

  • Large Group Facilitation for commission in SC
  • Conference Keynote Speaker for agency in NC
  • Executive Success Coaching for county leaders in SC


  • Productivity Training, Stress Management, Communication Skills, Customer Service for hospital nursing staff in NC
  • Management Processes, PR & Market Development, Customer Service, Productivity for health clinic in NC
  • Invited into hospitals to facilitate Neuro Emotional Technique and Reiki with patients in NC, GA

High Tech:

  • Facilitation of Design Team, software developer in NC
  • Customer Service, Management Process Development, Project Management, Leadership Team Building for technical support firm, NC

Hollywood Actors:

  • Mountain Wellness Retreats for known actors, de-stressing and clearing subconscious of character traumas and idiosyncracies of movie parts
  • Individual Energy Psychology Coaching, clearing stresses of being a famous actor and purging negative character traits from roles played
  • Couples Coaching, life transition support for actors and their mates


  • Executive Success Coaching, Leadership, Team-building, Total Quality Management, firm in NC

Law enforcement:

  • Team Building, Strategic Planning, Customer Service for police department in NC


  • Executive Success Coaching, Personal Success Coaching, Leadership Development, Team Training, Supervisor Training, Strategic Planning, Management Consulting, Problem-solving Techniques, Decision-making techniques, Total Quality Management, Cultural Merger, Project Management, Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Change Management, Employee Development, Process Analysis & Improvement, Train the Trainer, Productivity, Cycle Time Analysis, Customer Service, Cross Cultural Communication, Sales Training for numerous plants in NC, SC, VA, PA, OH


  • Facilitation of Strategic Planning, Team Building, Customer Service, Passion & Creativity Workshops, Communication Skills Training for US Army Garrison, SC
  • Personal Coaching, Veterans’ Wives Group, SC
  • Trauma Support for Vets, USA


  • Executive Success Coaching, Leadership Training for County management, NC
  • Team Building for County EMS, NC
  • Budget Planning, Strategic Planning for County Managers, SC

Non-profit organizations:

  • Personal Success Coaching, Strategic Planning Facilitation, Business Development, Customer Service Training, Team Building, Volunteer Development for organizations in CA, NC, SC, GA

Professional & trade organizations:

  • Strategic Planning, Marketing Strategy Design, Customer Service, Leadership Development for organizations in NC, OH, CA, KY, SC
  • Keynote Speaker for conferences & meetings in KY, IN, OH, WV, TX, WA, CA, AZ, NC, SC, MO, FL, NM, VA, GA, NV, Ireland, India, Russia

PR, Printing & Graphics Agencies:

  • Marketing Material Design, Customer Service, Executive Success Team Coaching, Leadership, Total Quality Management, Sales, Train the Trainer, Productivity for firms in NC, CA

Retail sales & services:

  • Market Research, Business Development, Promotion Design, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Productivity Training for corporations in NC

School Systems:

  • Facilitation of Annual Leadership Staff Retreat, Superintendent Staff Development Training for Superintendents’ offices in NC, SC
  • Faculty & Staff Development Training, Customer Service, Executive Success Team Coaching, Leadership Training, Team Building, Communication Skills for public school system in NC


  • Customer Service, Communication Skills, Telephone Skills for national bus division, NC
  • Facilitated Passion & Creativity Workshop for municipal airport & airline employees, SC


  • Sales & Marketing, Business Development, Personal Success Coaching, Customer Service, Product Design, Product Distribution, Communication Skills for corporations in IN, CA, NC


  • Customer Service, Executive Success Team Coaching, Leadership Development, Presentation Skills, Telephone Skills, Communication Skills for regional gas company in NC, SC, TN

These listed project topics were carried out using “whole person” or “whole culture” tools incorporating life coaching, health support, energy therapy, corporate training tools, new paradigm leadership models, energy psychology, and much more to inspire the smooth facilitation of change, balance of mind body spirit, conscious life and business transformation, wellness, increased productivity, and evolution in clients.

Through our Whol-istic programs we have guided thousands to re-claim their passion and creativity and move forward into more productive personal and professional lives.

Feel free to contact the Ariela Group of Wholistic Services or Dr. Anne Merkel for more information.