Soul. The word often sounds strange to modern ears. Terms like heart and spirit seem almost as exotic. We rarely think or talk about where we came from or what we are here to do. We need to. Otherwise, we deaden our souls, stunt our spirits, and live our lives halfheartedly.-- In the workplace all of us need a language of moral discourse that permits discussions of ethical and spiritual issues, connecting them to images of leadership.” 

Lee Bolman & Terrence Deal/ Leading with Soul

Most of us do not have time for fluff and feel good training sessions that bear no fruit. Dr. Anne Merkel is a very talented, experienced, professional, and competent facilitator. She has learned, through her successes and trial and error, what has most successfully worked in effecting positive change. Dr. Anne Merkel and The Ariela Group are very highly recommended for your consideration.” 

Cary McSwain County Administrator/ Manager - Richland County Government - Columbia, SC, USA

Spirit and Consciousness in Business Coaching & Consulting Programs with N- EFT Energy Therapy

With my twenty years experience directing training and development for multiple corporations and organizations, whenever I work with a business client I create a new, tailored coaching, training, or consulting program. It is my belief that you get the best results from customized programs and services, and I’ve always supported my clients and customers in that way.

In order to do this I enjoy offering a Complimentary Consult where you and I can discuss your needs and determine the best approach to serve you and your organization. I offer a number of Conscious Business Transformation services for you, your business, and your employees.

Conscious Transformation for Executive Success

Many successful executives use coaches. So, how are my services unique? With Energy Therapies and Meridian Tapping Techniques such as Neuro- Emotional Freedom Technique (N-hanced EFT), I can guide you to clear resistances or blockages whenever they come up. As you clarify your goals and create action plans I can free you from all resistance and blockages to achieving those goals and following through with your action steps.

Even if you have a life or business coach now, I often support other coaches’ clients by providing a “laser focus session” to clear a specific emotional block that challenges you, then I return you to your regular coach. Contact me to learn more!

Conscious Business and Executive Success Coaching

I don’t work with just anybody. I attract and enjoy supporting conscious individuals, leaders, executives, health providers, and entrepreneurs, who are ready for conscious transformation in their lives and organizations. I have seen many initiatives fail because the leaders or owners wanted change to happen around them, and they were not willing to shift themselves.

The tools that I utilize are gentle with profound results, and I will only share them if you want to authentically experience the positive results of conscious business transformation through success business coaching. More and more businesses are incorporating Energy Therapy and Meridian Tapping Techniques into their cultures to affect rapid and smooth change. My clients have benefited greatly from the non-traditional approaches that I have used for over twenty-five years!

For many years I have supported health providers, physicians, therapists, and coaches to amp up their businesses. Using energy therapy techniques to help clear blocks to success and old patterns of self-sabotage, we also focus on updating marketing, personnel, and general management approaches for the greatest return on investment. My Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification Program and on-going Energy Therapy Practitioner Mastermind Series also support Health and Wellness Practitioners to grow and maintain cutting-edge businesses.

I enjoy serving conscious leaders, executives, teams to reach their full potential. For more information feel free to contact me. You may also wish to consider a private or team Retreat Intensive in a mountain resort setting. These are quite popular and boast high ROI through supporting significant life and bottom-line improvements.

Contact me
to set up your Complimentary Consult so that we can determine if there is a fit!

We look forward to hearing from you!

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