Coaching with EFT – Clearing DNA Blockages

Have you ever met somebody who is born with a phobia or deep fear? When I was a little girl I was deathly afraid of heights. I remember once at a day camp when I was only four or five I faced off with several adult counselors and refused their coaxing to walk up a path that overlooked a stream below. I’m sure that the path wasn’t too high, but at the time it was something that I refused to do even if it meant refusing what several authority-figure adults wanted me to do. I was petrified and absolutely refused to walk there.

Years later I worked with my fear of heights while sitting atop Macchu Picchu in Peru with friends. The whole time I was there I felt like I was going to catapult forward end-over-end from the top of the steep mountain, but I used energy-clearing techniques and soon felt comfortable climbing steep mountain paths.

It was still years beyond that when I realized that my mother was very afraid of heights. She refused to accompany me on a short hike up a hill in North Carolina that seemed perfectly harmless to me. It hit me then that all of my own height phobias had been inherited, and that I had been carrying around my mother’s fear of heights up to that time in my life.

I love using Meridian Tapping Techniques including EFT to clear subconscious and emotional blocks like this that are contained in our electro-magnetic field, and often placed into our physical make-up through our DNA. The exciting thing is that we don’t even need to know exactly what we are clearing or where it came from when we use EFT. And, when I facilitate a session of Neuro Emotional Technique with a client I can identify those issues if the person wants me to, but it is not necessary.

So, next time one of your own inner fears rises up to block you, ask yourself where it came from. And, if you need help clearing it, then contact me at:


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