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Have you studied EFT/ Emotional Freedom Technique or another Energy Therapy modality and want to better understand how to use the technique and how it works?

Are you simply searching for something that can clear your pain and suffering on a mind-body-spirit level,… for good?

Are you open to allow miracles, love, peace, joy, health, abundance, more fun into your life,… starting NOW?

This may be your big opportunity to initiate conscious transformation with tools you can use for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

Sign up below to participate in the next 2015 complimentary BONUS EFT TAP Shop (tapping workshop) sessions listed below,… and keep reading to discover additional self-study packages and more benefits you’ll get with your registration!

Our next calls are:

April 29/ July 29/ September 30 –  2015

You DO NOT need to suffer is my philosophy! Learn how to access your body’s own energy system and clear stress that leads to physical symptoms and life trauma! Join others world-wide on the next Bonus TAPshop [EFT Tapping & Energy Therapy Workshop] call to open up new opportunities in your life. Each follow-up recording can be used over and over as a tool that guides you through the process as it awakens long-held emotional blockages in your subconscious mind. And, the live call will enable you to ask specific questions and get valuable feedback from an expert.


And, if you do not enjoy group sessions or would prefer to listen to personalized recordings chosen just for you, then consider the following self-study packages:

• EFT TAPshop Intensive:  1 month – $60

1 month – (4 mp3 recordings w/ notes – one per week – based on an on-line wellness assessment)



• Self-Help EFT Energy Therapy Support Program: 3 month – $195

3 months – (Personalized Coaching Session + 12 mp3 recorded calls w/ notes – one per week for 3 months – based on an on-line wellness assessment)



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Take advantage of the live Bonus Calls or the Personalized EFT Tapping Packages!