Alchemist Anne Merkel, Ph.D.

Anne Merkel

Long known as Corporate Alchemist Anne Merkel, after years of success in management and consulting I transitioned from catalyzing change in the business world to following my true passion of working with individuals in pain.

Following extensive post-graduate studies in energy therapy, meridian-based modalities, energy medicine, naturopathy, my moniker changed to Coach Alchemist Anne Merkel as my Energy Psychology practice continues to grow.

I specialize in providing coaching and energy therapy support for clients suffering from autoimmune disorders. Main stream science and media now espouse the correlation between emotional stress and autoimmune conditions, and my clients have had wonderful success with releasing symptoms and healing after they clear the emotional causes of their ailments. You may check out the services and products that I offer by going to: and learn more about my monthly free autoimmune support calls by going here.

Having worked with many leaders from a variety of industries in the past, I currently enjoy supporting leaders in the field of Health and Wellness by offering my six-month Energy Therapy Practitioner Certification Program and a twice monthly live Energy Therapy Practitioner Mastermind and Support live call series.

If you are interested in some of the topics I cover in my Energy Therapy practice, feel free to listen to selections from my Energy Therapy Radio show by going here.


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