Your Soul is Calling – Will You Answer?

Once there was a woman who found herself in the Dark Night of the Soul. She had felt for years that she needed to make some conscious changes in her life, but had put that off out of loyalty to her marriage and lack of courage. When change finally crept up on her, everything in her life changed dramatically and the losses that she encountered created a major traumatic stress. She and her best friend husband divorced, she moved from her dream home, left a lucrative business as well as her extended personal network to move to a city where she knew nobody, took a less exciting job that was soon-after dissolved by budget cuts, and found herself living without income, totally alone, and dependent on her parents for the first time in her adult life because the two-year sale of her big home had eaten up her savings. She was totally alone and feeling desolate. She faced the question to end it all or to re-create her life. She became familiar with the deep pit of despair and struggled to climb out of it.

She reached out by telephone to internet groups for support. She hired a coach who was willing to be paid when she finally got out of debt with the sale of her house. She incorporated the daily practices of kundalini yoga, pilates, meditation, and EFT into her life as she slowly started letting go of the intense inner emotional pain and trauma. It took awhile to clear out some layers before she could start to see light again. Hope returned slowly. Layer after layer of her own inner emotional baggage was dissolved with energy tools. She was diligent and knew that her goal was to become as clear a channel as possible so that when she was “well” again she could help others so that they would not need to suffer as she had done.

Today this person is me. In a nutshell, that was my journey. I survived. I suffered dramatically, in ways that I would never wish on anybody. And now I personally believe that nobody has to suffer. There are energy tools available to help you painlessly make shifts in your life rather than find yourself beaten down completely and in pain. And, if you are already in that terrible pit of despair, there are easy-to-use tools to help you quickly climb out. And, there are those of us who have walked a similar path who can give you a hand when you need support so that you do not need to lose years of your life with your struggle.

Give yourself the gift of life today. You deserve it! If you feel that inner nudging to make changes, do it now before it does it to you! Change can be easy using the right tools. Denial will cost you in the end! I know this from experience!

Pick yourself a practitioner to help you. If you resonate with me, then I would love to talk with you about how you can make your deepest dreams come true, and how you can create the changes that your soul yearns to make. You may check out my website at or contact me at and ask about my birthday week coaching specials.

Your life and your soul deserve your attention – now!

Miracle Watching – Disappearing Pain

Last week I mentioned that I’ve always been a “Miracle Watcher”.  This has always been easier for me when my life is going well, but the most profound miracles have happened in times of distress.

One of the reasons that I have initiated this Monday specialty blog is that there are so many people having problems and experiencing challenges in their lives right now. The economic climate is taking its toll on many people and the stress of watching the gloom & doom on television news is enough to cause pain for many people.

Watching for Miracles, on the other hand, is easy and uplifting. And, when we each focus on the good that is happening around us rather than the bad, then our own vibration and mood is lifted with the related improvement in health and well-being that comes with a positive outlook. So, let us get started!

I was laid off from high-profile jobs twice. This was very difficult for me, even though the first time I anticipated that it might happen. It was difficult even though the same big multi-national conglomerate that I worked for as its first woman Director promised to hire me back as an outside consultant and trainer – and they did.

I’ll never forget the morning that my boss called me at home while I was dressing for work. I had just flown back into town at midnight the night before from my monthly training trip to one of their other manufacturing plants. Training all of the employees, at all levels, during their regular first, second, and third shifts, was a tiring three-day trip that I made monthly to that plant.

I had worked at the job of world-wide Director of Training & Development for three years and had instituted some interesting programs, helped the company become ISO-9002 certified, and had helped to solve some re-engineering problems. I had also developed a regular pain in my hip that at times was so acute that I could barely walk. Good chiropractic and regular massages didn’t seem to be able to cure this nagging pain that was uncomfortable whether I was sitting or standing.

In the throws of the mid-1990’s lay-offs and down-sizing re-organizations, my boss announced to me that I had three weeks – until Halloween – before my job would end. I could leave then or I could stay for the last three weeks. He would give me full support in any way he could, and I could move my stuff out of my cushy top manager’s office at night so that I would not have to answer so many questions from the first shift employees.

I opted to finish all of my programs, and, in fact, I had my last team-training as Director on Halloween itself. Then I waited several months until they called me back as a consultant for another project.

There were several miracles in this life-changing event, but one even shocked me, and I should have seen it coming.

As my boss was relaying the bad news to me on the phone that morning in early October, the pain in my hip disappeared. And, it did not reappear at all during the three weeks that I continued doing the work that I had set up to accomplish before my last day.

At that time I had already been a master trainer for over ten years. I had presented many stress-management workshops and hands-on stress management sessions with employees. I had studied wholistic wellness and understood holistic healing modalities involved with stress management.

In the months before I received notice of my lay-off it had not occurred to me that my hip pain was stress-related. As soon as I learned that my “sentence” as an inside employee was coming to an end, and that I would soon return to being an outside trainer/consultant, working for myself again, the pain – and the high stress level – disappeared.

As I tell the story now it seems so obvious. But, at the time the lay-off was definitely a blessing in so many ways, and the disappearance of the acute pain that I had experienced will continue to be dubbed a “miracle” by me!

If you would like to share a miracle from your own life, please send it to me via the comment option in this blog, or go to: and provide the details to me.

EFT Coaching Case – PTSD and the Dark Night of the Soul

At a time in the past I suffered some deep emotional trauma that left me in a deep dark pit of emotional turmoil. I felt so fragile that for weeks I could not leave my house without bursting into tears. I couldn’t listen to the radio or watch TV. Everywhere I looked there were reminders of what I had lost and this fueled the fire of my trauma. I felt so brittle that the least little word, tone, look, comment could send me into a downward spiral of agony. I was in the “Dark Night of the Soul” and had to make the decision whether to survive or not. I decided to do my inner work and re-create my life. And, it took years before I was truly happy again, living a new life of my making.

Some people are diagnosed with PTSD, (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a nervous breakdown, panic attacks, and other terms for symptoms of a “dark night of the soul” experience. These are all equally painful for the victim, and often take many years to over-come. There are many therapies focused on serving patients of these disorders, and Energy Psychology/ Therapy including EFT is one category of helpful modalities.

I was already a practitioner of Neuro Emotional Technique when I suffered my own trauma, and the downside is that I wasn’t able to apply this wonderful tool to myself. So, I searched for another energy clearing technique that would enable me to work on myself. A friend introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique, and immediately I went to work making myself feel better.

It didn’t take long to feel the shifts starting to take place. I focused upon issue after issue, and literally took a Sabbatical from my work and from my busy life to do full-time inner work. When I started using EFT the shifts started happening faster, and I noticed that my dull, dark, low frequency emotions started to release me to rise to a higher vibration and remember what it felt like to enjoy life again. I am so thankful to Gary Craig and others who have put the research and the years of experience behind perfecting energy therapy techniques such as EFT and N.E.T. so that they can be easily applied and make a difference immediately, quickly, and painlessly.

Yes, I am a staunch advocate of the energy therapies. Why? Well, it surely is not because I was brought up to accept non-traditional modalities! My family members don’t even believe in chiropractic, let alone some of the perceived “woo-woo” energy techniques that I utilize with my clients now. And, would I ever go back to the more conservative approaches endorsed by the AMA? Absolutely not! I have seen the benefits of doing energy work  with myself and with people around me, and I am not about to waste my gifts of being able to utilize energy in helping others!

If you have questions about various energy therapy modalities and whether they can benefit you, then feel free to contact me at  and we can discuss this.


Years ago I lived a life that wasn’t authentic. I was married, owned a 7300 square foot home full of art and antiques on two acres surrounded by horses, earned six figures as the only woman Director of a world-known multi-national conglomerate, was still working with my own retainer clients on the side, served on seven boards and commissions, wrote my own weekly business newspaper column, traveled regularly, wore all designer clothes, and regularly attended major conferences as keynote speaker. I wasn’t happy in this life even though everyone else thought that my husband and I were the perfect couple and that we had it all!

In my heart I realized that my marriage was based on co-dependence, my outer life was built on other people’s expectations, my business was driven by status and money, and I yearned to be free. I thought I was destined to live a life without passion – then I woke up.

The transition was very difficult for me. I designed it on a soul level and stumbled through it in 3D. It took me over five years to pull myself back out of the dark pit of my Dark Night of the Soul. I did it on my own – calling in helpers here and there – orchestrating my return and the creation of my new life on my own. Because of what I learned on that difficult journey I now reach out to help those who are either facing major life change that may end in trauma and turmoil, or those who already find themselves in the Dark Night of the Soul and need help getting out. My passion is to help others move through their life transitions without as much pain as I experienced, and in a shorter period of time.

Authenticity is a major part of living life well. When I met Martin he said that the only “rule” in our relationship was that we each be authentically ourselves. I continue to discover what that really means for me, and I am liking it more and more each day!

I invite you to explore authenticity and anything that may be blocking your way to that. Today in our EFT TAPshop we will focus on clearing out barriers to being authentic! You can join the international group by going to:

Peace Within

When I was a little girl, whenever I was given the opportunity to make a wish I would wish for Peace on Earth. Yes, I was a bit different back then too! It took many years for me to realize that the best way to create peace on the exterior is to first create peace within.

I have a warrior nature even though I tend toward being an introvert. My Saggitarian moon is very good at throwing thunderbolts when called for, and I used to think that the way to creating the best life for myself was through fighting for it. The warrior nature is a noble one – especially when used appropriately. It has taken many years to learn how to use this inner strong YANG (masculine) energy to create things with love, compassion, tenderness. I am finally glad to be in a female body and am getting better at balancing the YIN with YANG.

When I experienced the end of my old life and encountered the Dark Night of my Soul, I spent several years in emotional turmoil. I found it very hard to let go of my old life, my relationships, my habits, my community, my dream house, my clients, my artificial reality. When I finally woke up and realized that the old “story” and my nostalgia for it were holding me back I made a daily routine of focusing on the feelings of PEACE of mind, LOVE, JOY. It didn’t take too long until my life became a totally different and more authentic reflection of my true SELF, and it is now FULL of peace, love, joy,… and abundance!!

I enjoy helping others to take less time than I did in the process of finding inner peace through balance and conscious living. In fact, I am rolling out a program on March 18 entitled Abundant Living and Loving: Conscious Life Transformation Through Achieving Freedom from Blocked Emotions and Detrimental Self-Talk.  It will be FUN to help others to rise to a higher level in their lives and careers!!  This is where my passion is now and I KNOW that by creating the peace within we can also achieve it on the outside!!  :)

Read more at .

Recognizing Paradise versus Dark Night

Good morning!!  It’s another wonderful day in Paradise!!  ;-))

Wow! – I remember the first times I said that. It was mid-80’s and I lived in Silicon Valley, Northern California. I had moved there with trepidation. San Francisco and the entire area immediately stole my heart. Even though times were tough and our best grad student Holiday included gifts from a local dumpster, the natural beauty, stimulation from the many business opportunities, and the open-mindedness of the people made it a wonderful place for me to live. I was sad to leave after only three years.

I can remember other times in my life when waking up in the morning meant an endurance contest until I could go back to bed in the evening. And, in my darkest years, when I encountered my journey into the Dark Night of the Soul, I hated waking up at all. Being awake was a scary place to be. I was haunted by memories, longings, pain, sadness, fear of the deep depression in which I found myself. At least when I was asleep I could dream that my life was moving forward and I was happy. I was always grateful then that I COULD sleep. Insomnia might have killed me.

So, it took lots of introspection, inner work resulting in growth, much letting go of old stories, habits, beliefs to get me where I am today. I set the intention and then the tools and helpers came to me. My journey lasted for several years. My journey was easier than it might have been because I could take a sabbatical from my life and focus full-time on ME and on clearing out the blockages and baggage inside so that I could bring in the magnificence and joy of my present life. The journey would have taken less time and I would have suffered less if I had known then what I know now about conscious living.

I am so grateful that I can again recognize the Paradise in each day of my life!!


What a fun day for those of us lucky enough to participate in the Inauguration festivities!! For me it was such a unifying experience!!  Since I don’t use television anymore in my home, the FaceBook /CNN  partnership offered me the opportunity to participate with over a million others on-line as we all watched the oath of office, presidential speech, trip down Pennsylvania Avenue, Celebration Parade, and soon, coverage of some of the parties. As we watched we were able to make comments through-out for everybody else to see. It has been fun, and I DID get some work done including a tele-class, a coaching session, some writing, e-mails, updates, etc.

Oneness is one of my favorite topics. Both my MS and Ph.D. are in Cross-Cultural Communication, and I have been a specialist in diversity and multi-culturism for my entire adult life. To see the outflow of international connection and cameraderie today sharing in the celebration of Obama’s inauguration was a true joy to me. The world is getting much smaller in the areas of communication, trade, sharing in the technology as well as the environmental and social issues and problems. It is so important today that we band together in shared purpose to make positive changes come true!!  I think this new leader, President Barack Obama, has the background and motivation to support this!!

In looking at the profiles of Obama and Biden we have some richness that is much deeper than their education and professional experience. President Obama grew up in a multi-cultural family, and lived abroad and in various sections of this country. His life experience brings an understanding of humans and human nature that few people experience first-hand. VP Joe Biden has years of experience working with leaders from different nations. He also brings the strength of one who has lived through and grown from experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul – first when his wife and daughter were killed, and later when he almost died. Together these men are well armed with deep inner convictions founded on profound life experience. As a team they present a balance that has the potential for grounding the positive change that our nation and the world need right now.

Today there has been an outflow of support, excitement, connection, communication, celebration, hope, faith in the process, oneness!! For many it has been a LONG time since they felt this – especially on such a large scale!!  This presidency – on its very first day – has pulled the world together in hope and expectation. The key message I take from Obama’s Presidential speech is that it is time to wake up, be CONSCIOUS, and take responsibility!!  The days of victimhood are over. There are proactive, positive roles for everyone to play. Now is the time of opportunity!!

So, let us join in and look for the positive!! Here is to our New Age of Oneness and Change!!

A Pause for a New Beginning from the Dark Night of the Soul

Regularly I work with clients who are re-creating their lives after major trauma. To many of them a New Beginning means the difference between choosing life – or death. I understand this state of the “dark night of the soul”, because I have been there. I returned and created my New Life, although it took years to do this. Tomorrow our nation will begin a return from its own “dark night of the soul”.

Conscious people in my region appreciated what today represented and honored Martin Luther King and his legacy here in the USA. During his life he spoke of a RETURN from the dark night of slavery and torment that his race had endured in this country for many years. This three-day weekend provided a nice opportunity to pause and reflect – and to be grateful that a man had a dream of a new, different life and a new beginning for people of color in this country. Tomorrow Martin Luther King’s dream will be partially fulfilled. A new beginning of ONE-NESS will be solidified tomorrow with the swearing in of our 44th President of the United States of America. 

Tonight it has snowed. The county schools have just been closed for tomorrow. These same conscious people and their children now have an opportunity to pause for another day and witness via media coverage the New Beginning represented by this Presidential Inauguration. The pomp and circumstance will occur tomorrow. The parties and processions will mark the celebration of this New Beginning and return from the dark night of the soul that our history reflects. In our region all can pause to share this occasion. And, since the children will be home from school and some businesses may also be closed, families who choose to may share this moment in history together.

What a blessing that Nature has offered this opportunity to my neighbors and me to pause for this New Beginning!!

I LOVE to Write!!

Yes, it is true. I DO love to write… when I’m in the mood!!  ;-))

This blog is a joy to me. It is like a professional journal where I get to share the ideas that stimulate me, that I’d like others to know about, that just cross my mind long enough to be captured and mentioned.

I plan to start another blog soon. I’ll not share here what that will be about, but it will be different. It will include a BEFORE and AFTER. It will share real journal entries of a temporarily lost soul searching for light in the dark abyss. It will be very different from this blog. It will share and hopefully attract like-minded people who NEED to read what I plan to write. It will be a soul activity on my part. It will be a cleansing, purging, and sharing that will truly make a difference. It will be fun for me because I feel some passion for doing it!!  ;-))

In the meantime, I am in fast-moving mode today. I don’t have time to sit and think out an article. I don’t want to pause long enough to write in my blog today. There are many things in my office that must be dealt with – that I don’t allow myself the leisure to touch during the work week. I really need to go… and, LOOK!  I’ve written my blog after all!!  It didn’t take long. It didn’t slow me down. It was fun. It reflects where I am and where I am going. Hmmm. I guess that is what it is all about anyway!!  Until next time!!

Starting an Energetic Week of Serving!!

Monday in Paradise!!  ;-))  The weekend was charged!!  Friday saw me performing with 50 others in front of TV lights and camera for a special NC state cultural program. The John C. Campbell Folk School Morris teams presented an hour of fun dancing with great music provided by our eleven-piece band. (For info about the Folk School go to: .)  On Saturday I sat for a promo photo shoot with a new friend, Max Poppers. The session was fantastic, and someday you all may see the results on my new website!!  (For info on Max go to: .)  Yesterday Martin and I spent the day at his peaceful off-the-grid cabin in the woods. (For more about solar-powered cabins go to: .) Because the weather was cold and rainy and we had expended so much energy traveling and participating in the other weekend events, we ended up reading, napping, surfing internet, eating yummy food, and just hanging out. It was PERFECT – and just what we needed!!  ;-))

This cold sunny Monday in the north Georgia mountains provided lots of opportunities to share the good energy from the weekend. I started out offering coaching sessions for two friends. 

The first person focused on career challenges following a job lay-off. She is depressed and is running out of money. Although she has a good potential job lined up, she is frustrated because 1-she has not yet received a job offer, and 2-she needs to pay bills and this job doesn’t start until April. I started our session by reassuring her that this time of frustration will pass. I reminded her that the negative emotions she is feeling right now are apt to attract more of the same unless she makes some changes. I shared that she can shift her energy to a higher frequency by daily focusing on all of the things in her life about which she is grateful. Just by focusing on abundance one’s mood can shift. I also invited her to think back to when she was enjoying employment, banking lots of $$$, helping people, loving her life, enjoying her personal relationships, having FUN!! I urged her to daily focus on FEELING what each of those memories or times of her life felt like – the GOOD aspects. As she learns to do this daily she will be able to then look ahead to the intended results of her job campaign and project the positive emotions she will feel when all of her desires are met. When she can start to FEEL what having that new job, with job security, lots of income, all bills paid in full on time, fun new projects, an over-all life of her making, then she will attract that to herself. At the end of the call her energy was at a much higher vibration and she was ready to start her week on a more positive note.

The second person is facing issues within a personal relationship with someone who has major tendencies to become co-dependent in relationships. She had just come back from a workshop focusing on better understanding the male gender and was frustrated because her partner did not fit into the typical characteristics presented. Since I know her partner very well I was able to direct her to look at the learning opportunities she has within this relationship and how she can make the most of this dance of partnership for as long as it lasts without getting sucked into co-dependence. She had much more to think about after our conversation and felt stronger in her own resolve to love herself first as she continues to love her dear partner.

I totally enjoy my passion for supporting conscious change and helping people to have more FUN. I learned to do this myself – the hard way. Now I can help others to much more easily find the safer and less painful path to follow. I will be privileged to serve a group of people in my 30 Days to Emotional Freedom call on Wednesday at 4:30 p.m. EST / 1:30 p.m. PST. (You can find out more by going to: .) Last week we discussed many ways to CLARIFY goals or intentions for the New Year. This week we will focus on identifying blockages to our success and how to release them.

I’m excited, and having FUN!!  It is already a GREAT week!!  ;-))

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